Fueling the Fire

Spitfire delivers crackerjack marketing and communications strategies that cut through the clutter and distraction of daily life to deliver the right message — write on target.

Spitfire specializes in writing, strategic planning, campaign development and delivery, communications, both traditional and online, and project management. Spitfire sharp. Spitfire accurate.

And because we believe in partnership, when the job calls for additional skill sets or talents, Spitfire partners with graphic designers, web programmers, production services and others to deliver comprehensive programs without the added overhead and fees.

So if you're ready to light a fire under it, step on the gas, put the pedal to the metal, or get the ball rolling, contact Spitfire today. 

Sure-fire solutions

solution [suh-loo-shuh n]

noun: the act of solving a problem, question, etc.; the state of being solved: a problem capable of solution; a particular instance or method of solving; an explanation or answer.

Need solutions? We've got you covered.

Strategic Planning

At Spitfire, we believe that successful business strategies evolve from asking questions.

All kinds of questions —including those questions customers, users, clients or others might ask.
Sometimes a client already has the information, but if we don't ask questions, we may never know. We gather intelligence from as many sources as possible, including when available, working with focus groups and through primary research.

From this information-gathering process, we identify opportunities, develop objectives, set goals, and determine benchmarks to evaluate a plan's success. Spitfire defines market characteristics, creates messaging, and identifies the tactics, tools, media and promotional mix that reaches the target market, builds awareness and sparks action without blowing the budget.



Campaign Development and Delivery

From retail, festivals, and home security, to software, financial planning, and everything in between; Spitfire has developed creative concepts that resonate in the marketplace and campaigns that produce measurable results.

Contact us today and let's work together to create communications and campaigns that connect with your market.


Branding and Brand Management

So, what’s your story?  What does your brand say about you, your product or service, or your business?

And more importantly — does your customer experience it the same way?

From the corporate environment and policies to your online presence, from customer service to the product itself, branding is an essential part of building the consumer experience. Build a good relationship, and you'll have a customer for life, fail to do so at your peril. Hell hath no fury like a consumer scorned. On average, an unhappy customer will tell twice as many people about a bad experience than a good one.

Spitfire helps clients to define their brand personality and find the tone and words that best convey what differentiates them in the market. Consistency in the market eliminates confusion, builds brand loyalty, and fulfills a consumer need.


Spitfire writes copy that connects. We work hard to use the right words in the right tone so your audience will understand and relate. Whether it’s writing editorials, articles, advertising copy, business communications, public relations, speeches, reports or presentations, Spitfire is here to clarify, communicate and connect. Our writing services include:

  • ads and campaign development - we handle both one-off and campaigns over a multitude of mediums
  • marketing and strategic plans - we can write the plan or bring the finishing touches to an existing document
  • corporate communications and public relations - we write newsletters, internal and external communications, press releases, reports, business profiles, annual reports, corporate overviews
  • print and online promotional pieces - brochures, pamphlets, sales sheets, direct mailers
  • content development and management - we develop content for websites, new and existing
  • editorial and articles - we can tell an engaging story that readers will interest your readers
  • editing and proof-reading services - sometimes fresh eyes make all the difference

Project Management

More work than flow?

After more than 20 years in the industry, we’ve managed the successful delivery of hundreds of projects. Provide the briefing and the deadline and we’re on our way. Or, tell us what you need and we'll develop a project scope, the budget for your approval and a timeline to get it done.

Spitfire has a proven track record in the initiation, development, timely completion, and delivery of projects of all sizes and scopes. With extensive experience working in the private and public sectors, from both the agency and client sides, Spitfire can take any project and provide the skill and expertise to get the job done.

Plug-in and Go

In today's frenetic business environment, it can be a challenge to find experienced marketing people to fill the gaps during short-and long-term absences, for part-time employment, or to complete periodic communications and marketing needs.

Look no further! Spitfire is ready and able. We can plug-in and help start a project or complete an existing one, producing the highest quality work, without the expense and downtime of hiring. Spitfire can provide a job-by-job, hourly, weekly, or monthly estimate.

The quality of your communications should never fall short due to budget limitations or onsite experience.

Think about it, and we think you’ll agree that our Plug-in and Go service provides the best of both worlds. High-quality work, delivered by experienced professionals —when and how you need it.

Red-Hot Delivery

On Target

It’s like speaking Japanese to a French audience— without the benefit of a translator. Even if you've got "the next big thing" making a  connection would be challenging and selling your product, virtually impossible. Makes perfect sense, but many times companies forget that connecting is the first step. When you make a connection people sit up and take notice. Your audience is listening. Now all you need is a concise, but memorable message that's benefit-driven and converts interest to action.

Contact Spitfire today and get an experienced marketing translator working for you.


There's some disagreement whether it was Will Rogers, Oscar Wilde or a sassy copywriter on Madison Avenue who first used the phrase, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression."
Well, 70 years later, it’s still true. Except in today's online world, you only have those few seconds it takes for your web page to load and…It makes the 'ole 30-second elevator pitch sound like a breeze. Whether you need a new online presence or a refresh of an existing site, Spitfire has the skills to analyze, organize and write a website that is intuitive and engaging.

Let Spitfire help you make a great first impression.

On Strategy

Brochures, one-pagers, sell-sheets, annual reports, online marketing, social media, direct mail; each is an opportunity to reinforce the benefits of your product or service and to differentiate your brand and in the market. Spitfire unravels the  options and determines the perfect combination of deliverables that best meet your product, sales and business objectives. Print, digital, online or on the street, social media or direct to your door, Spitfire develops well conceived and written strategies with a purpose.

Spitfire delivers fresh ideas and programs that get noticed.




Marketing and advertising have always held a fascination for me. Maybe it was the intense appeal of the TV commercials I grew up on, or the seductive pretend-world of the advertising biz I absorbed on TV shows like Bewitched and 30 Something?  Who knows, but what I did know was that I wanted to work in that "biz."  Years later, during my graduating year at Ryerson, an industry insider from a very large, very internationally-renowned, and heavily-awarded advertising agency spoke to our class. He said that at their agency, many of us could expect to spend our first five years buying media for a single product.  I had made up my mind.

I decided to go small, get my hands dirty, and learn as much as I could from the talented people around me.

Five years later, the small agency I was working for as a production manager moved to new offices. There was a beautiful window in my office that my desk faced. The irony was not lost on me that my window looked into the windows of that very same ad agency. 



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